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FROM HOLLYWOOD Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant present an entertaining and informative weekly podcast, with a focus on interesting Brits in Hollywood – and Hollywood viewed THROUGH the eyes of interesting Brits. Join us each week for a fresh perspective on what it’s like to be a complete fish out of water – a Brit…in the Wood (Hollywood, that is) as we greet fellow Brits and Anglophile Americans who have something to say on LA!
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Jul 17, 2017


Brits will know him from hit TV shows such as Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, Casualty and possibly a well known Cheeky Girls music video. But these days Andy Newton-Lee, who has been living in LA for twelve years, is the mastermind behind Next Stop LAX – a fully bonded immigration company which helps stars from all over the world relocate tothe USA.

However, the actor turned business mogul has now put on his TV producer cap and made his own ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ meets ‘The Office’ TV show called ‘British Andy’ which he’s shopping around the networks. The show stars Andy’s hilarious alter ego ‘British Andy’ - and the storylines are based on his funny real life experiences with former Britishsoap stars such as Michael Greco and Charlie Brooks relocating to Hollywood.

In this podcast episode, Andy chats to Caroline and Claire about his jet setting lifestyle, overcoming skin cancer, the Sam Smith dating rumours, generally being a big celebrityand helping all his showbiz friends relocate to LA...



Jul 10, 2017


Camilla Sacre-Dallerup is an author, life coach and mindful living expert. She is also a NLP master practitioner coach, certified hypnotherapist, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) instructor and a popular meditation teacher at both Unplug Meditation and The Den Los Angeles.

Before she started her life coaching and motivational speaking business in the UK, she spent over 25 years as a successful competitive athlete in the world of ballroom dancing. Camilla was part of the original cast of Strictly Come Dancing (the UK’s equivalent to the US’ Dancing with the Stars), and after winning the trophy in 2008, she left to focus on her wellbeing business.

In this episode Camilla speaks to Brits in the Wood about the importance of meditation, her new life in Los Angeles, and how we can all turn our dreams into reality…


Camilla’s new book ‘Reinvent Me’ is out now on Amazon:

Jul 3, 2017


The spectacular Ross King, originally from Glasgow, is a Scotsman who now happily calls LA home. In the UK you’ve seen Ross on the ITV morning shows ‘Good Morning Britain’ and ‘Lorraine’ as their LA correspondent. In the USA, he covers everything from the Oscars to daily happenings in Hollywood and was the Entertainment Anchor on KTLA’s Prime News snagging four Emmys and a Golden Mic Award to boot.

Friend to the stars, in this episode Ross talks to Caroline and Claire about breaking into Jackie Collins’ mansion, hanging with Charlie Chaplin and being the entertainment King of LA. Pleasedownload and listen to the hilariously funny and super witty, man with the best stories in town, entertainment King of LA, Mr. Ross King…

Jun 26, 2017


Brian Kiley is the head monologue writer for Conan O’Brien and has been nominated for 16 Emmy awards. He is also an actor, a stand-up comedian and has appeared hundreds of times on national TV including The Late Show with David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and in his own ‘Comedy Central Presents’ special.

Brian has a recurring role on Cartoon Network's ‘Delocated’ and his jokes have been quoted many times in Reader's Digest, GQ Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and the New York TimesSunday Crossword Puzzle.

Brian took a moment out of his busy schedule to talk to Brits in the Wood so please download and listen to the very funny, smart, charismatic and our very first American on the show, the wonderfully amusing Brian Kiley…

Jun 19, 2017

Sandro Monetti is THE ultimate Hollywood insider who has interviewed all of the A-list stars and can currently be seen sharing his pop culture expertise each week on hit Bravo TV series, ‘Then and Now.'

He is an Entertainment Journalist of the Year nominee two years running and a regular contributor on CNN International. But this Brit in Hollywood, who has worked for major media outlets around the world, doesn’t just report on entertainment, he creates it as well.

He enjoyed huge success last year as the writer and director of hit international touring stage play ‘Marilyn & Sinatra’ – a show about the little known romance between Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra which was a sell-out success in London’s West End and Off Broadway in New York (available now as an audiobook at - just enter 'Marilyn' in the search box).
Sandro is also a best selling author having written the biographies of Mickey Rourke and Colin Firth, and has been a long time contributor to the BBC, for whom he co-host’s Radio 5’s Oscars coverage each year. If that’s not enough, he is the creator of the world’s first Bachelor of Arts degree course in celebrity journalism and chairman of BAFTA LA’s Newcomers Program where the British Academy supports the best new emerging UK talents on the LA entertainment scene.

Sandro is also a wealth of Hollywood knowledge and the creator of the Celebrity Insider Movie Locations Tour ( - in which he tells you the stories behind classic movies at the places around LA where they were made.

Download Brits in the Wood to listen to Mr. Showbiz himself talk about celebrity journalism, Helen Mirren’s secret tattoos and what it’s like kissing Madonna - a fun hour with the charming and charismatic Sandro Monetti…




Jun 12, 2017

Ever wondered who thinks up all those brilliant comedy skits featuring James Corden with the likes of Matt Damon, Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham on The Late Late Show? Well Caroline and Claire talk to the mastermind behind the funny - the show’s Comedy Segment Producer – James Longman.

Essex boy James has come a long way and is now one of TV’s most successful producers having produced shows such as Xtra Factor, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

In December 2015, Longman relocated to LA to work with Corden on The Late Late Show, which has become a hit with US audiences and won followers world-wide for it’s brilliant comedy sketches and Car Pool Karaoke, which has seen Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Lopez and One Direction all take a spin with Corden as they belt out a tune. Download to listen to the funny, inspirational and West Ham-mad Brit in the Wood that is James Longman…

Jun 5, 2017

Jenny Pacey is the definition of fit and appears in this summer’s blockbuster movie - Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot. The athletic brunette’s impressive resume includes being one of the UK’s leading fitness experts, Olympic athlete, celebrity personal trainer, motivational speaker, model, television presenter, actress and writer.

Formally known as ‘Enigma’ on the British version of TV show Gladiators, Jenny is also a successful businesswoman and runs her own business, Pace & Go, with her partner and fellow Gladiator, Wayne ‘Doom’ Gordon. Download to listen to the beautiful, inspirational and British Wonder Woman in the Wood that is Jenny Pacey…

May 29, 2017

You’ll recognise her velvety dulcet tones anywhere, especially if you lived in the UK during the 90s. Lisa I'Anson was one of the original ‘ladettes’ and proponents of Girl Power. She was also THE presenter on Top of the Pops and BBC Radio 1 from 1995 until 1999. However, she was very publically sacked on air after failing to show up for her morning radio show after going missing after clubbing in Ibiza. It was THE news story of the year. So what happened in those missing hours? Lisa finally tells all…


Today she’s loving life living in LA with her husband Amos Pizzey, cofounder of Talent House and manifesting greatness wherever she goes. Download to listen to the inspirational and super fun Brit in the Wood superstar that is Lisa I’Anson…

May 22, 2017


Chesney Hawkes was an overnight heart-throb at the age of just 19 when his 1991 debut single ‘The One And Only’ became a smash hit. His face was in every teen magazine and adoring young girls across the world had his picture on their bedroom walls.

However, The One And Only proved to be an embarrassingly accurate title – because he never had another hit. Then when his record label dropped him and refused to take his calls; he suddenly discovered he was broke. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the one and only Chesney made a come back and is now happier than ever. Speaking to Brits in the Wood, Chesney explains how at 19 he was clueless about the harsh realities of the music business but 25 years on he has no regrets – today he’s loving life living in LA with his model wife and 3 children, he’s incredibly successful writing music, touring and working as a mentor on hit shows like The X Factor. He’s one of the nicest and most talented singer / songwriters in the biz, the one and only… Chesney Hawkes.

May 15, 2017


Mr.C from The Shamen (or Richard West to his family) has been one of the most influential figures on the electronic sound for decades. From his humble beginnings as an MC in his home city of London, right through to present-day and his position at the head of Superfreq - one of dance’s most innovative labels - Mr.C has consistently pushed the envelope to give us some of the finest electronic music of the past thirty years.

‘The Shamen,’ for whom Mr.C performed as front man will be recognised by practically everyone who was alive in the 90s, and rightly so. Tracks like ‘Move Any Mountain,’ ‘Boss Drum’ and of course, that one - ‘Ebeneezer Goode’ - have cemented themselves in the minds and hearts of so many, for whom electronic music makes up a huge part of their lives.

Download to listen to one of music’s most iconic figures as he stops by for a chat with Brits in the Wood to discuss making music, taking drugs, transcendental medication, and his journey from milk man to world wide superstar. The Superfreq himself, Mr.C…

May 8, 2017


Television presenter Carol Smillie started out on game show ‘Wheel of Fortune’ but it was the hit DIY series ‘Changing Rooms’ that made her a British household name. However, she’s gone from changing rooms to changing careers, and is now running her own business empire: ‘Pretty Clever Pants’ for Life’s Little Leaks!


Download to listen to the very smiley, beautiful and entrepreneurial Brit in the Wood Carol Smillie as she talks to hosts Caroline and Claire about her genius IQ, discovering sex toys under the bed and how her knickers are flying off…

May 1, 2017

After starring in the BAFTA award-winning ‘Made in Chelsea’ British reality TV show, Gabriella Ellis is now based full time in Los Angeles. She has rebranded herself as ‘London Ellis’ this side of the pond and has her sights firmly set on a successful career in the USA pop charts.

Download to listen to the beautiful and talented Brit in the Wood singing sensation that is London Ellis as she talks to hosts Caroline and Claire about getting to America, her mates Professor Green and Rita Ora, and how she’ll have a baby with Ollie Locke when she’s 40 if she keeps dating American Psychos…


Apr 24, 2017

Caroline Pearce is a former Great Britain heptathlete and bobsledder, TV sports anchor, UFC commentator and event host. She is a published author and go-to fitness and nutrition consultant with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. American listeners may have seen her reporting on Fox Sports and British listeners may also know her as ‘Ice’ from the revival of the hit TV show ‘UK Gladiators’ on Sky 1.

With a career rooted in fitness, the UFC pundit, model, ex-athlete and Gladiator knows a thing or two about dedication. Download to listen to the beautiful Brit in the Wood fitness guru that is Caroline Pearce as she whips hosts Caroline and Claire into shape with her fitness advice and tales of healthy LA living…

Apr 17, 2017

Craig Robert Young talks to Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant about being a working actor in LA, becoming a YouTube sensation and a rather dodgy job he once held at the Playboy Mansion. He is currently directing his own sitcom about Hollywood celebrity assistants, and together with the wonderful Eileen Lee, he runs the brilliant Brits in LA social group (a must for all Anglophiles to join).

Son of a coal miner in real life, Craig explains how his first professional job was aged 10 when he played a coal miner’s son in Barry Hine’s 'The Price of Coal' at the Nottingham Playhouse. Yes, very Billy Elliott.

At 17, while at drama school in London, fame beckoned when a chance audition for pop band ‘Deuce’ steered Craig off to pop stardom for a few years. He then became the new face of British MTV, hosting the hugely successful show 'Select' and also spent time hosting 'GMTV' (the UK’s version of the Today Show). Then in 1999 a starring role on the award winning show 'Dream Team' beckoned where Craig played villain Alex Wilkinson.

Craig’s next move was a big one, to Hollywood in fact,  where he has starred in a plethora of hit shows including: Melrose Place, 10 Things I Hate About You, NCIS, Lost, What About Brian andFringe to name but a few.

Download to listen to Brit in the Wood superstar, who makes all of our lives better and feel a little closer to home - the effervescent and very talented, Craig Robert Young…

Apr 10, 2017

British Film Director Elliott Lester joins Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant to talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pet pygmy goats, Jared Leto’s coolness and how he stood the Dalai Lama up.

Elliott made his feature film directing debut in 2006 with Love Is the Drug. However, he is probably best known for directing the film Blitz starring Jason Statham and the award winning HBO drama film Nightingale starring David Oyelowo.

His most recent film Aftermath was just released and stars his pal, Arnold Schwarzenegger as a grieving father looking for answers and seeking revenge after his family are killed in a collision between two aircraft.

Download to listen to the British Film and television extraordinaire who’s taking Hollywood by storm, the talented and charismatic Elliott Lester…

Apr 3, 2017

Former Gladiator and bodybuilding champion Mark Rhino Smith was born in London but has a hugely colourful heritage - Jamaican, Cherokee Indian, Ghanaian, White and Chinese. This mix along with his green eyes has given him a very a distinctive look.

He first catapulted onto British screens as Rhino in the massive hit TV series, Gladiators where he reigned for five years. However, nowadays he’s a fully fledged Hollywood movie star with an infectious work hard, dream big philosophy.

In recent years Mark has starred on dozens of TV shows including THE LAST SHIP created by Michele Bay, and also NCIS LA, CRIMINAL MINDS and CRIMINAL starring alongside Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Ryan Reynolds. He can also be seen acting alongside Sylvester Stallone in the movie CREED, and more recently is the voice of officer Officer McHorn (the Rhino!) in Walt Disney’s latest Blockbuster and Oscar winner ZOOTOPIA.

Mark joins Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant to talk fitness, moving to LA and what it’s like being a British movie star in the Wood… Hollywood that is. Download to listen to the inspirational and super talented Brit in the Wood superstar that is Mark Rhino Smith…


Mar 27, 2017


Huw Parmenter is an English actor, writer and producer, best known for playing Roland in the History Channel’s successful series ‘Vikings.’ However, British viewers may remember him playing Albert, a French curate in East Enders. Huw also appeared as Frank in Desert Rats at the Arts Theatre and recently starred in and produced The Chaskis Theatre production of ‘After Orlando’ – an International Theatre action response to The Pulse nightclub shooting.


In this podcast Huw talks to Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant about being a British actor in LA, the auditioning process during Pilot Week and being rather good at doing accents. We also learn he had a famous uncle who used to hang out with the Beatles. How cool is that?


Download to listen to Brit in the Wood rising star that Caroline predicts will win an Oscar one day (you heard it here first), the intelligent, handsome and multi-talented Huw Parmenter…

Mar 20, 2017

Mark Browning is Managing Director of ITN Productions, one of the UK’s biggest production companies, working across television, digital, commercials, branded content and sports production.


This year with Mark at the helm, ITN Productions earned its first-ever Oscar nomination for their 40-minute film called Watani: My Homeland, in which the ITN team spent three years with a Syrian family, documenting their transition from fighters on the front lines of the civil war that has ravaged their country to political refugees in Germany. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in the best documentary short category.


Mark joins Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant on his recent trip to LA to talk about what its like to have an Oscar nomination, the Syrian crisis, his big U.S. ambitions and his potential British Prime-ministership. Well we want him to be PM anyway.


Download to listen to the charismatic, highly intelligent Brit in the Wood that’s putting ITN firmly on the American media map, Oscar nominee Mark Browning…

Mar 13, 2017

Tony Hadley has, over the years, earned the accolade of being one of pop music's greatest vocalists. A pioneer of the 80s romantic movement and lead singer of Spandau Ballet, Tony has had numerous chart topping singles and albums all over the world, some of the most memorable being the singles Gold, Only When You Leave, Through the Barricades and of course the international number one True.

Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant caught up with Tony when he stopped off in LA to perform at the Microsoft Theatre in downtown LA.

Then in part two of this podcast we chat to British born Katharine Watford Cook, an award winning producer at the forefront of the newest revolution in filmmaking in Hollywood – 360 Degree Virtual Reality.

In the technological world of futurist film making and a predominantly very male arena, Katharine is leading the pack by immersing audiences in the story by surrounding them with 360 degrees of action in some of Hollywood’s highest grossing box office hits. You’ll have seen her work in movies such as Insurgent, The Hunger Games and Now You See Me 2.

 Katharine joins Caroline and Claire in the studio to discuss her growth from Liverpudlian roots to now owning one of the most cutting edge entertainment and production companies in Beverly Hills. The future’s so bright, you’re gonna wear shades… well… 360 VR headsets.

Download to listen to the legend that is Tony Hadley and also technological guru Katharine Watford Cook…

Mar 6, 2017

Leilani Dowding former Miss Great Britain and Page 3 favorite, joins Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant to discuss her 90210 life since crossing the pond in 2005 and what she left behind in old Blighty.

In true ‘American dream’ style since landing on Californian shores, Leilani founded and now runs the successful women’s fashion line Leiluna and is also a multi million dollar home realtor. But when she’s not flipping houses to movie stars or dressing the world’s top models, she talks about her time on an American reality TV show, dating in LA and her brief flirtation with Scientology.

Then Caroline and Claire caught up with the legend that is Tony Hadley, pioneer of the 80s romantic movement and lead singer of world renown Spandau Ballet, when he stopped off in LA for a sell out concert at the Microsoft Theatre.

Download to listen to the multitalented and beautiful Brit in the Wood superstar that is Leilani Dowding and let’s see how well Tony Hadley knows LA…

Feb 27, 2017


Billy Morrison joins hosts Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant. Billy is British rock royalty, one of the few rockers who made it all the way to the top from the very bottom.

Twenty years ago, Billy was homeless and close to death. Today he is one of the world’s best known rhythm guitarists currently touring with Billy Idol and also a founding member of celebrity super group Royal Machines.

 In this podcast Billy shares his success story of overcoming heroin addiction and explains that when he’s not sharing the stage with the likes of Steven Tyler, Slashand Dave Navarro, he’s probably riding his Triumph motorcycle along the PCH, writing hit songs or painting awesome artwork in the buff. Oh and he’s also best mates with Ozzy Osbourne. How Rock N Roll is that?

Although spoiler alert: no TV’s were thrown out of our podcast window during taping and in between drinking green tea he does enjoy a nice manicure and a good Pilates class. Download to listen to Brit in the Wood rockstar (who’s now VERY LA) the legend that is Billy Morrison…