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FROM HOLLYWOOD Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant present an entertaining and informative weekly podcast, with a focus on interesting Brits in Hollywood – and Hollywood viewed THROUGH the eyes of interesting Brits. Join us each week for a fresh perspective on what it’s like to be a complete fish out of water – a Brit…in the Wood (Hollywood, that is) as we greet fellow Brits and Anglophile Americans who have something to say on LA!
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Feb 27, 2017


Billy Morrison joins hosts Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant. Billy is British rock royalty, one of the few rockers who made it all the way to the top from the very bottom.

Twenty years ago, Billy was homeless and close to death. Today he is one of the world’s best known rhythm guitarists currently touring with Billy Idol and also a founding member of celebrity super group Royal Machines.

 In this podcast Billy shares his success story of overcoming heroin addiction and explains that when he’s not sharing the stage with the likes of Steven Tyler, Slashand Dave Navarro, he’s probably riding his Triumph motorcycle along the PCH, writing hit songs or painting awesome artwork in the buff. Oh and he’s also best mates with Ozzy Osbourne. How Rock N Roll is that?

Although spoiler alert: no TV’s were thrown out of our podcast window during taping and in between drinking green tea he does enjoy a nice manicure and a good Pilates class. Download to listen to Brit in the Wood rockstar (who’s now VERY LA) the legend that is Billy Morrison…